The name "Hi Hawks" was inspired by a good friend and mentor, Hawk LittleJohn.

Hi Hawks are the top of the line and can be custom made to your hearts desire in any combination of available leathers. These three pairs are examples of our full price range.

Mid range Hi Hawks

Price - $545
This pair is an example of the mid range, made from buffalo and lined with goat. Purple kid is used for the trim with a metalic underlay, featuring a vibram lug sole.

Base version Hi Hawks

Price - $520
This is your base model. Black buffalo and lined with goat and trimmed with brown cow hide.

Top of the range Hi Hawks

Price - $1,855
These are the top of the line - buffalo and lined with goat. The overlay is ostrich and embossed hand-painted calfskin blaze. The opals are set with peyote bead work and the blaze is trimmed with applied bead work.

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